About Us

eDoxs was formed as a subsidiary of Orange County Web, a southern California ISP,  in response to the realization that e-mail was becoming the most important communication tool for business.  Spun off as a standalone company in 2000, eDoxs was incorporated in 2001.  The company early on recognized that the growing importance of electronic communications brought new challenges.  Focusing on anti spam and antivirus and protection, eDoxs formed alliances with the best companies in those fields and through the use of unique network architecture was able to bring the marketplace an innovative approach to e-mail management.  

In 2007, eDoxs recognized the growing need and opportunity for Electronic Content Management in modern American business.  ECM allows companies to get control of their paper, introduce workflows in to high volume departments, eliminate wasted time searching for documents and protect themselves from business disasters that happen to the unprotected.  Since that time, eDoxs has become one of the most trusted providers of Content Management software in Southern California.

eDoxs is a closed- held corporation operated by the stockholders and has offices in California and Pennsylvania.  The Company’s philosophy is to install and support what they sell and the solutions selected by the company represent the state-of-the art products in their sectors.